[EN]Chinese copyright, or how to grow the market in the second global economy – A. G. Dudanerok

[EN]Chinese copyright, or how to grow the market in the second global economy – A. G. Dudanerok

Chinese copyright or how did China surpass the West?

As company owners and managers, we do not ask ourselves about the opportunities we could possibly pursue thanks to the constantly changing technology. What used to be essential for our business some time ago, can be much less important now. Here is a very simple example. Technology providing access to distribution of digital products is not limited geographically, sale through e-commerce platforms has no limitations except for law regulations, and we can promote our products online in so many different ways. What stops us from pursuing the idea for a new business and new markets?

It turns out that big western corporations are trying to implement more and more innovative technological solutions. They pursue a client or a vision of fantastic future which can make our lives easier and us – healthier, more beautiful, more efficient, faster at communicating with each other. The truth is, however, that the Chinese market has been developing so fast for the last decade that it allows many original solutions. Not only it does not copy the West, it determines its own pace of development and provides new standards which let us live in the society even faster, better, and more comfortably. There are, however, such market areas where China encounters some problems.

Chinese business or a business in China?

Today’s episode is so interesting because once again I am talking about matters related to Chinese business culture which can result in many business relationships, developed when cooperation is needed in order to facilitate the import of various goods. We will not, however, focus on technical issues related to building a logistics base, instead, we will discuss if import is the only form of cooperation with Chinese partners. In this episode, I would like to explain:

  • how to develop your business on the Chinese market,
  • what are Chinese shopping habits,
  • whether it is true that China produces poor quality products,
  • which sectors in China develop the best, and which require additional support,
  • if China is a producer of benchmarks, fake goods or maybe it creates completely new standards,
  • how do Internet and social media help developing business relationships,
  • how to negotiate with people from China, and
  • what are the biggest limitations and differences in business communication.

Let me invite you then to listen to another episode of the #InnaKulturaBiznesu podcast and an interview with  ChoZan, a founder of a marketing agency, an author of the best-selling book about business development in Chinese market, a vlogger, and a podcaster, Ashley Galina Dudanerok.
Listen to the 20th episode of the podcast.

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[EN]Chinese copyright, or how to grow the market in the second global economy – A. G. Dudanerok
[EN]Chinese copyright, or how to grow the market in the second global economy – A. G. Dudanerok